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Project Title:Empowering the Citizenry to promote efficient and effective service delivery in health and water sectors through detection and prevention of corruption and abuse of Power.
Project Objective: Long-term objective (goal): Engendering Transparency and Accountability in the health and water sectors through Effective Citizen Engagement.

Project Activities:
Mobilize and sensitize residents of Baringo, Kericho and Laikipia counties on public complaints mechanisms
and other tools of promoting accountability in health and water sectors.

Social auditors Round-table meetings with health department policy actors.
Social audit dialogue forums.
Community level awareness forums.
Social audits of at-least 10 new health facilities in Baringo and Kericho Counties; 6 (Health) and 4 water
projects in Laikipia Counties respectively.

Training of community social audit teams/civilian oversight forums on policy advocacy.
Handling and processing of Public complaints and reports on corruption.
Receiving, analysis and forwarding of public complains:
Courtesy visits to the county Governors and Speakers:
Bi-annual round-table meetings with county level public oversight institutions:
Project Leadership and management.
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Framework.

Project Coverage: Baringo, Kericho and Laikipia Counties.
Development Partner: The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

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