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Project Title:>Tujumuike Tushirikiane Tujenge Baringo
 Project Objectives:

    -To increase civic and voter knowledge and awareness of residents of Tiaty, Baringo North, Baringo Central and Baringo South sub-counties of Baringo  on their rights and responsibilities and electoral processes as enshrined in the constitution by 2018.
    -To strengthen and sustain citizens’ and CSOs’ oversight role  in governance in Tiaty, Baringo Central, Baringo North and Baringo South Sub-counties of Baringo County by end of 2018.
    -To improve the level of citizen participation in electoral and political processes in the run up to 2017 general elections in Tiaty, Baringo North, Baringo South and Baringo Central Sub-counties of Baringo County.
    -Increase participation and representation of women, youth and PWDs in the electoral, political and governance processes in the four sub-counties of Baringo by end of 2018.

    Project Activities:
    -Sustained Civic education Activities.
    -Support to social audit follow up.
    -Support to 10 existing Citizens Oversight Groups to monitor service delivery and implementation of Public projects through community led “repeat” and new social audits.
    -Pre-budget mobilization forums.
    -Monitoring of the budget process and sharing of feedback.
    -Periodic review meetings with sub-county and ward administrators.
    -CSOs (BACSOF) Mobilization and Planning meetings.
    -The Governor’s roundtable with civil society Organizations in Baringo County.
    -Engagement in the review and formulation of the Baringo County 2013-17 CIDP and formulation of 2016-2017 Annual Development Plan.
    -CSOs scenario building and action planning forums.
    -Uchaguzi tents and Interactive community theatre for voter education.
    -Ward Level community conversations-‘The leader we want’ forums:
    -Ward Level MCA’s Debates.
    -Training of Youth, women and Persons with Disabilities Leaders on existing social economic opportunities and how to tap into them to establish themselves as serious political contenders.
    -Training of Youth, women, and PWDs on Political landscape (legal, policy, social and economic), campaign and mobilization skills.
    Project Coverage
    Baringo Central-Kabarnet, Sacho,Ewalel Chapchap,Tenges, Kapropita.
    Baringo North-Saimo Soi, Barwessa, Kabartonjo, Saimo Kipsereman and Bartabwa.
    Tiaty-Tirioko, Kolowa, Churo Korosi, Amaya and Tangulbei.

    Development Partner: URAIA TRUST

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