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CEDGG | CDF Transition Report-State of Service Delivery in Baringo County.
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CDF Transition Report-State of Service Delivery in Baringo County.

The place of the social sectors of health and education in the economy of any nation cannot be gainsaid. In the recent past, there have Cover-CIDA-CRECO-CEDGG-Baringo-Countybeen deliberate actions by the Government of Kenya to
improve service delivery through increasing budgetary allocation to the sectors and initiating
devolved funds and strategies such as FPE & FDSE, HSSF, and Community Health Strategy. Progressively, the government has therefore been moving towards meeting both national and international commitments to health and education such as the Abuja declaration, EFA and
MDGs. Even then, the extent to which these interventions have met the intended objectives is still questionable

Download: CDF Transition reportState of Service Delivery in Baringo County