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CEDGG | The Constituency Development Fund Transition Report for Nakuru County.
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The Constituency Development Fund Transition Report for Nakuru County.

The CDF Transition Report- Nakuru County gives the status of Constituencies Development Fund Projects in Nakuru County at a time the Cover-CDF-Transition-Report-Nakuru-Countycountry is undergoing Political and Governance Transition.
The report builds on the findings and lessons learnt from the CDF social audit exercises undertaken by Centre for Enhancing Democracy and Good Governance (CEDGG) in Rongai and
Nakuru Town constituencies over the past two years. It seeks to consolidate or take stock of the general performance of the fund in relation to its intended objectives. The CDF Social Audit exercise identified key challenges bedeviling the proper use of the fund including low public
participation, duplication, corruption, political interference, weak monitoring and evaluation and a poor enforcement mechanism for standards and regulations

Download: CDF Transition reportThe CDF Transition Report for Nakuru County