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CEDGG | Social Audit Report for Rongai Constituency
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Social Audit Report for Rongai Constituency

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Kenya have been involved in the tracking of public funds in the recent years more so after the introduction of poverty reduction programmes and various decentralized funds. TheRONGAI CDF RPT COVER engagements have employed different approaches at both the local and national levels achieving a considerable level of success against many structural and legal challenges.Decentralized funds in Kenya have been established based on the premise that governance structures at the local level have a better understanding of community needs; it increases community participation in local decision making; enhance transparency and the speed of responsiveness. Kenya has several operational decentralized funds such as Local Authority Transfer Fund (LATF established in 1998), Secondary School Education Bursary
(established in 1993/4), Road Maintenance Levy Fund (established in 1993), Rural Electrification Program Levy Fund (established in 1997), Free Primary Education (established in 2003) among others.

Download: Social Audit Report for Rongai Constituency