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About US

The Centre for Enhancing Democracy and Good Governance (CEDGG) is a grass root Civil Society Organization (CSO) that was founded in 2001. It works to empower vulnerable groups and ethnic communities to realize their governance and development rights. Its head office is in Nakuru Town – Nakuru County,and now we have a new branch at Baringo County,Kabarnet Town,Mwalimu Plaza in the Republic of Kenya.


As an organization, CEDGG was first formed as a Community Based Organization to advocate for socio-economic rights of the marginalised groups and communities in Baringo and Koibatek districts. With time, CEDGG expanded its geographical coverage, with a special focus on the Rift Valley and now covers the counties of Nakuru and Baringo and Kericho. CEDGG has since been legally registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation.


The Mandate of CEDGG is that of empowering vulnerable groups through training, advocacy, networking and linkages in areas of human and constitutional rights, cultural heritage and equitable distribution of resources. Beneficiaries of CEDGG include disadvantaged ethnic minorities, women, youth, children, displaced persons and the poor.


In terms of governance, CEDGG has three major structures namely the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is the supreme decision making body and comprises of all members (who are both individual and corporate). Below the AGM is the Management Board (MB), which makes policies and sets operation systems for the organization. The members of this board (who are 9 in number) are elected from among the CEDGG members at the AGM. Below the MB is the Secretariat which has the Management Team (MT) and various cadres of staff. The Secretariat is charged with the implementation of the policies and programmes, and the running of the organization on a day to day basis.


The organization implements its mandates though well calculated collaboration with other like-minded organizations and hence is a member of the Constitution and Reform Education Consortium (CRECO); a network of civil society organizations which seek to have just governance, constitutionalism and respect for the law, and the Social Audit Learning Platform (SALG) a network of CSO’s promoting social accountability and management of decentralised funds in Kenya.